Building Back Together


Building support for Ketanji Brown Jackson among Black voters


Building Back Together, an advocacy program to support the Biden agenda, wanted to raise support for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Brown Jackson would be the first Black woman justice in American history.



50+1 Strategies was brought on to promote Brown Jackson’s nomination and help build support for her confirmation among Black voters. We ran a smart, targeted campaign to reach out to a variety of Black audiences with specific, relevant messaging. Our outreach to young Black voters included geofenced digital ads targeted at HBCUs, as well as paid influencer partnerships with brands that over-index on Black millennials such as The YBF, Watch the Yard, and Noir Online. We partnered with national Black publications like Essence, Ebony, The Root, and TheGrio to reach Black women. Finally, we placed ads in Black local papers like the Philadelphia Tribune, the Macon Courier, the Madison Times Weekly, and the Atlanta Daily World.


Our campaign resulted in over 30 million impressions, driving hundreds of thousands of supporters to Build Back Together’s website to take actions like calling to encourage their senators to support Judge Brown Jackson. 50+1’s work helped remind Black voters of President Biden’s commitment to elevating diverse judicial nominees. Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed with bipartisan support, including unanimous support from the Democratic caucus. She brings an important voice to the Supreme Court at a time when it is desperately needed.