Investing in AAPI and Black voter engagement early in the cycle


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee knew that AAPI and Black voters would be decisive in many of their targeted races in 2022. Knowing that all too often, the party only shows up in communities of color right before the election, the DCCC began an intentional program of communicating with AAPI and Black voters earlier and more often than ever before, making its largest investments in AAPI and Black voter outreach ever.


50+1 worked with the DCCC’s Building Our Base program to design and send mail in 13 districts with high Black voter populations and 4 districts with high AAPI voter populations. We used DCCC research, gathered in partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus PAC, to center messages that resonated with Black and AAPI voters about what Biden and Congressional Democrats have done to support Black and AAPI Americans while also highlighting the GOP’s extreme views. Our mail emphasized the power that people of color can have to make change, and the work that Democrats will continue to do if re-elected. Where appropriate, our AAPI mail was bilingual in Vietnamese and English to ensure we could reach as many voters as possible.


Democrats won in 12 of the 13 races that the DCCC’s Black Engagement program worked on, and 2 of the 4 races that the DCCC’s AAPI Engagement program worked on. Our seven-figure mail campaign reached hundreds of thousands of voters with culturally competent messaging that met voters where they were and highlighted Democrats’ accomplishments for AAPI and Black voters and plans to keep fighting if re-elected.