Pennsylvania Supreme Court


Supporting the election of a Democrat to a critical state Supreme Court race


There are no ‘off years’ in politics, and the case of 2023’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court race is a perfect illustration. When former Chief Justice Max Baer, a Democrat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court died last fall, a special election was called to fill the seat. If Democrat Dan McCaffery lost to Republican Carolyn Carluccio, the GOP would have been one seat closer to a majority on a court that examines critical cases on a broad range of democracy issues, abortion access, and gun safety laws – and could be responsible for certifying the election results in 2024 in a critical swing state.


All too often, the national media and political pundits ignore judicial races. They are historically underfunded and under-resourced – yet, they are often the place of last resort when our rights are on the line. At 50+1 Strategies, we know how essential the courts are for protecting our rights, and we know how to win these races. In 2018, we ran Justice Rebecca Dallet’s campaign in Wisconsin, which helped build the Democratic majority we now hold on that critical court. Since then, we’ve been involved in judicial races from California to Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Montana, and now Pennsylvania.

Our team worked alongside in-state and national partners on a few main priorities: persuading and mobilizing suburban women, boosting progressive vote-by-mail returns across the state, and increasing turnout in Philadelphia, especially among younger voters and in BIPOC communities.

We partnered with reproductive justice champions and national groups to drive the narrative highlighting the Republican candidate’s stance on abortion and backing by extremist pro-life groups. We helped keep the pressure up by supporting an aggressive paid media program and helping to execute an earned media push on the ground. We also worked alongside allies who knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors and made more than 1 million calls to voters driving turnout across the state.


Democrat Dan McCaffery won 1,637,455 votes (53.4%), defeating Republican Carolyn Carluccio with 1,430,218 votes (46%). This win preserved a strong Democratic majority in Pennsylvania heading into the 2024 Presidential Election year.

Photos: Isabel Soisson, Keystone News