Planned Parenthood Action


Electing reproductive health care champions in a post-Dobbs America


Planned Parenthood Action and its state affiliates in Arizona, Michigan, and Nevada were working to elect reproductive health care champions up and down the ballot, and ensure that abortion remained legal in three key swing states. In the post-Dobbs world, all three states faced very real threats from extreme GOP candidates who sought to ban abortion.


50+1 worked with Planned Parenthood to design effective mail pieces and radio ads that would expose the GOP’s extreme stance on abortion while motivating voters to turn out to the polls. We ran a mix of pieces which highlighted GOP extremism, showed the contrast between Democratic and Republican candidates on reproductive health care, or presented a voter guide to drive turnout. Our radio ads targeted rural voters of color in traditionally GOP strongholds who are often overlooked by traditional Democratic campaigns. Where appropriate, we used Spanish-language ads to ensure we were reaching out to as many voters as possible.


50+1 and Planned Parenthood sent over two million pieces of mail and our radio ads had millions of impressions despite a limited budget. Voters elected Senator Cortez Mastro, Senator Scott Kelly, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer to their second terms, and overwhelmingly rejected radical Republicans who sought to ban abortion. Our radio work in Arizona won the Pollie Award for Best Use of Radio in the West. Most importantly, reproductive health care remains legal and accessible in Arizona, Michigan, and Nevada.